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I Love Luca

I love Luca is an Italian brand with 2 lovely restaurants in the portfolio. Each of them has been developed with a focus on Italian culture, its cuisine, and the passion of its people.

Every restaurant has something different to offer, but all have one key commonality in the authentic recipes brought from Italian family tables to Scandinavian culture.

Our Italian chefs are our biggest asset.

Their passion, dedication, and skills that they have developed since childhood, under the caring eye of their mamas and nonnas, bring the best to our menu.

For booking or further information about our restaurants, please contact Mathilde at booking@iloveluca.dk

72 Hours of Love

The perfect pizza dough requires 72 hours of love.

Therefore, Luca’s chefs prepare pizza dough with love and cold raise it for 72 hours. The original recipe comes from Italy and draws inspiration from ancient pizzaiolo-traditions.

All dishes on Luca’s menu have been developed by Italian chefs inspired by the recipes from their family cookbooks. Rustic antipasti composed of ingredients delivered straight from Italy, authentic pizza dough made with love for 72 hours that gives a base for delicious pizze full of flavors, and Italian sweet dolci that goes perfectly along with an aromatic cup of espresso.

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