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Pizzeria Luca on the 50 top list 2023!

For the 5th time in a row, Pizzeria Luca has been nominated one of the best pizzeria in Europe. This is a huge accomplishment for the Luca team, and we are beyond honoured and happy to be among such talented pizza chefs around Europe.

This year we went to Barcelona to participate in the award show, and our head chef Gioacchino di Gregorio, chef Maurizio Bianco, chef Antonio Della Gioia & CEO Daniel Knuttel went on stage to receive the prize of being the 23rd best pizzeria in Europe and a golden ticket to the 50 top pizza WORLD awards in september (!!)

We are extremely exited to be nominated for the best pizzas in the world, and can’t wait to join 50 top pizza and all the talented pizzaioli in Napoli in september.

We will keep you updated on @ilovelucadk on Instagram!

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