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North of Copenhagen, in the center of Lyngby, you’ll find Trattoria Luca. Here, our Italian chefs make award-winning pizze, antipasti and delicious homemade pasta - all of which can be served family style, perfect for sharing. The cuisine is accompanied by wines specially selected to highlight the quality of the Italian ingredients. The entire restaurant can be booked for private dining events for 40 to 60 seated guests, and parts of the restaurant can be booked for smaller parties. Trattoria Luca is located right next door to Lille Fortun, Lyngby’s premier cocktail bar, which gives you the opportunity to combine your visit to Luca with a pre- or post-dinner cocktail to complete your experience. For booking or further information about our restaurants, please contact Irene Mai at

Why Trattoria?

•   Located in Lyngby •   40 - 60 guests •   Italian craftsmanship •   Authentic freshly made pasta dishes, antipasti and award-winning pizza •   Cocktail bar next door - Lille Fortun Get a virtual tour of the restaurant!